Never skim an ERDINGER...

And don’t forget the Best Bit!

And don’t forget the Best Bit!

What is the Best Bit?

ERDINGER’s beautifully unique flavour, cloudy appearance and lively aroma come from the last few drops in the bottle - the best bit - which usually settles at the bottom of the bottle.

So, just before pouring the last few drops into the glass, don’t forget to swirl the bottle to get a real taste of the best bit. Cheers!

What is the Best Bit?

How to pour the perfect ERDINGER

Step 1

Step 1

Rinse the glass with clean water, hold it at a slight angle and pour the beer slowly.

Important: The neck of the bottle must not touch the glass or the beer!

Step 2

Step 2

As you continue to pour, slowly bring the glass upright and watch as the head of foam steadily grows!

Important: Keep about an inch of beer left in the bottle for the time being – this will be the Best Bit!

Step 3

Step 3

Now gently swirl the bottle to activate the Best Bit and pour into your beer to finish the perfect pour. This is very important, because the yeast absolutely belongs in the glass!
It rounds off the taste perfectly and provides the wonderful natural cloudiness.

Important: Never Skim an ERDINGER, this is what makes an ERDINGER so special!

Step 4


The ideal drinking temperature is between 7 and 9°C.

So you must ALWAYS make sure you have an ERDINGER in the fridge: Your perfect wheat beer moment can be around the corner at any time!

What makes our ERDINGER so special?

What makes our ERDINGER so special?
Foam Head

The foam not only looks irresistible, it also shows the quality of the beer – which is what we take very seriously here at ERDINGER. The quality of our beer has the optimal levels of all elements to ensure it is possible to achieve that perfect foamy crown.

Sparkling Refreshment

The carbon dioxide and important bubbles you experience in an ERDINGER leave a delicious tingling sensation on the tongue – every sip making you want more!

Bayrische Edelreifung

ERDINGER is given the finishing touch with the double maturity method, Bayrische Edelreifung. It is a second, additional fermentation process directly in the bottle or barrel. This is extra time, but extra time well spent as it creates the perfect ERDINGER flavour and aroma, and that’s why it’s the best bit!

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Did you know? You can get our ERDINGER at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, ASDA , Morrissons, beerhunter or Ocado.

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